Florida’s Reverse Mortgage Center is not a typical lending company. We value a local touch, with personalized service, and in-house providers to be available every step of the process. We can’t offer you a famous spokesperson, but we can offer you the best, real, person to person service anyone in Florida can offer. Headquartered in Clearwater, Florida’s Reverse Mortgage Center strives to give every client the fullest of our attention, with direct access to our Broker and Mortgage Loan Officers.

This attitude starts from the top down, beginning with our CEO, Rick Foxx, and his vision:

"I grew up in Detroit , Michigan, son of an accountant, who retired to San Diego at age 48 (NOT a misprint, my Dad not only raised 4 kids, but also managed take us to all 48 states in an RV, every summer, using his vacation and personal days off, then proceeded to retire comfortably in California. Smartest guy I ever met with his money!!) My Father instilled a work-ethic in me that pushes me to not only work for money, but also to have money work for me. I co-owned 3 rental units while only a sophomore in college, and pretty much knew that I wanted to be involved in Real Estate as a career."

Rick’s career grew and grew.
"I first got licensed to do mortgages in 1999, and in 2004 I was open for business in downtown Clearwater FL. By 2005 I had gotten licensed as a Lender/Servicer; in 2009, I had gotten my Real Estate Broker license, and for 11 years I have both listed and sold homes for all the major banks, such as Bank of America, Chase, SunTrust, and Fannie Mae. Foxx & Associates Mortgage and Foxx & Associates Real Estate were both built once client at a time, and I am grateful for each one of them"

After being involved with residential finance as a Mortgage professional for 24 years as well as becoming Clearwater’s premier REO Real Estate Broker over the last decade, Rick began to ponder the future as more and more folks began to ask and inquire about Reverse Mortgages and Reverse Purchase Mortgages.

" I've spent years with a focus on helping families get into good, sustainable, and affordable mortgages. As time went by, more and more of my own customers began asking about Reverse Mortgages and other retirement advice. The more I researched Reverse Mortgages, the more I realized there was an incredible opportunity to help my customers, and other seniors, use their housing wealth to their advantage."

After intense study and careful consideration, Rick began offering Reverse Mortgages through Foxx & Associates Mortgage but quickly realized he was going to need a more specific operation. Florida’s Reverse Mortgage Center (FLRMC) was born!

" Reverse Mortgages are the future of retirement here in the Sunshine State. Heck, I intend on taking out a Reverse Mortgage on my own house in 8 short years. It makes perfect sense: tax-free dollars by way of housing wealth I have accumulated and already paid for…why not make my home work for me? And I get to live in it for the rest of my life with my wife without a mortgage payment? My father would have referred to it as a “no-brainer” and totally approved, and he was no financial dummy! I believe in this product. I believe in Reverse Mortgages."

Today, Florida's Reverse Mortgage Center is proud to take these fundamental principles of service and trust and strive to meet the highest standards of quality in our firm. Our staffs are licensed, experienced Mortgage Loan Officers with personal knowledge of our products, and the community we live in, and share in interest in your success.

No two Reverse Mortgages are exactly the same, and you deserve good, personal attention to detail, that only a local community based company like Florida’s Reverse Mortgage Center can provide. Call today to learn more at 727-388-5235, or email for more information.

Florida's Reverse Mortgage Center is part of the Foxx "family" of companies, which include Foxx and Associates Real Estate (www.foxxandassociates.com) , Foxx and Associates Mortgage (www.foxxmortgage.com), and our financial blog, The Foxx Report (www.foxxreport.com).

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  • Great customer service

    At Florida's Reverse Mortgage Center we take pride in our great customer service. Our staff is here for you, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, problems or maybe a suggestion. We would love to hear from you.

  • Clients come first

    We make sure our clients get the best support from our staff. We will walk you through the whole mortgage process and ensure your transactions close smoothly.

  • We offer superior loans and mortgages.

    Florida's Reverse Mortgage Center works with multiple lenders. We are able to provide our clients with extremely competitive pricing. Now you can do all your comparison shopping with one company without wasting time with several banks or brokers.